Friday, January 15, 2010

Kate's Makeover

Hey Gosselins fans! Sorry I haven't updated my site in practically forever, I've been really busy lately! I felt that I MUST post something on the topic of Kate's new makeover. I have heard many differents people's opinions on her new look. I personally LOVE it! I think she looks a lot younger and I hated those really long bangs. I think TLC should do a special or something on it, but they have already posted a video of her makeover on their website. If you haven't watched it yet, I suggest you do! Also, Kate is on the cover of this month's edition of People magazine. I bought the magazine last week, but I was a little disapointed because there isn't much about the kids or really anything interesting in the article. It's basically just pictures of Kate. Here is a short article from

Who's that girl on the cover of People magazine?

It's reality mom Kate Gosselin looking almost unrecognizable -- without her signature hairstyle!

The reality mom really lets her hair down in the new issue -- on stands now -- which shows her dramatic transformation.

Following the news that her divorce with Jon is official, a jovial Kate recently dished some revealing tidbits about her newly single self on the "Jay Leno Show," including her desire to be on another TV show.

That show is "Dancing with the Stars," she says, "Because I cannot dance. I want to laugh at myself. I so cannot dance. It would be a sad sight."

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kate Gosselin Gets a New Hairstyle

Hello Everyone! According to Kate has finally gotten a new hairstyle! Here is the article:

From spiky, angular and stripy, to soft undulating waves on honey, Kate Gosselin revealed a restyled ‘do on ABC’s “The View.” And everyone has an opinion on it – of course!
On a personal level, her old signature style is not something I could, or would, wear with my brown curly locks. But, I liked it on Kate and thought that the funky geometric shape was a fun contrast to her more conservative personality. As for the new style -- I really like it; It’s … pretty., says this new ‘do might even help get her some action – or least improve her chances over her last hair style, which they described as “not the most feminine of looks.” Through their research they found that men prefer "thick, wavy hair as their number one sexiest style... Surprisingly though, men claim to prefer the natural look when it comes to styling…” Sounds like the new coif is a plus for this soon to be divorced mom.

Melissa Magsaysay from the LA Times Blog "All the Rage" was not a fan of the old style, but I’m not really sure if she’s in favor of the new one: “Anything would have been an improvement from the hair flap/bang thing that hung over her one eye, but whatever the backstage hair team did makes all her layers flow together so they actually look like they belong on one head.” Does she like it? Or just hate it less?

Comments from the LA Times are all over the place. Some examples include:

“Stop trying so hard. The short hair was extreme but we were used to it .. This new do makes you look like you have a weave.” -- Jenni

“Kate has a pretty face and it's nice to see her with a more feminine hair style, I like it.” -- Lara

"It looks cute. But the other way is fine too..pretty sure that anybody with 8 kids is looking for an easy 'do', and that's just what she has. And plenty cute." -- KJ

But the online polls clearly show a strong majority in favor of the waves vs. the spikes. So far 73% of voters of a TV Guide poll say “Love it. She should wear it more often,” compared to 23% who say, “Hate it. Nothing can make that backward mullet look nice.”

The NY Daily News voters also favor her new ‘do 3 to 1 in their online poll as do the Huffington Post’s.

Photo credit: Donna Svennevik/ABC

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Sad News

Hello Everyone! More sad news about the Gosselins unfortunately. Apparently Jon has taken Shoka and Nala back to the breeder and of course he blamed Kate for getting rid of them! When will he ever learn to except responsibility! As if those kids needed more heartache in their lives! Well anyways, here are the articles:

Jon Says Goodbye To Shoka & Nala:

Okay animal lovers, divorcing a spouse is one thing, but getting rid of your dogs is quite another. Jon Gosselin is sending his two German Shepherd's back to the breeder as part of the fallout of his divorce from Kate. While the eight Gosselin children are staying in the family's Wernersville, PA home, their parents are splitting time there, trying to avoid disrupting the kids lives but also wanting to be around each other. Now, Shoka and Nala, the family dogs are being discarded and Jon has been telling pals it's Kate's fault because she won't take care of them when he's not at the house. "Jon blames Kate for having to give up the dogs," a source close to the situation told exclusively. "Of course these days, Jon blames Kate for just about everything." Jon has given several interview recently and been brutal on Kate, saying he "despises" her and love girlfriend Hailey Glassman more than he ever loved his wife. He's also in the middle of another scandal, with his kids' babysitter, Stephanie Santoro now coming forward and confirming she had a sexual relationship with Jon. But Jon's attempts to blame Kate for getting rid of the dog simply isn't fair. The dogs have always been Jon's and while Kate was willing to do whatever she had to she simply can't handle them and Jon didn't make any other arrangements for them to be taken care of. He now lives in an apartment in New York City and never considered getting a place where he could keep his dogs, the source told "Kate's being gracious about the situation, she's not going to blame Jon," said the source.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kate Gosselin on the View, Movie & A Catch

Hello Everyone! I hope you got to see Kate on the View this week. I unfortunately did not get to see it, but I'm sure I will soon. I have included an article about her appearance in this post for you to read, but first I wanted to talk about the new episode last night, "Movie & A Catch"! I thought the episode was cute but certainly not long enough! The movie on the lawn was around 5 minutes which I thought was way to short. I wanted to see more of them with Kate! I also want to know what movie they were watching. If any of you know please let me know! I would have to say that I thought this episode was much sadder than I expected. I didn't think that Jon and Kate would really talk about their separation, but they did. I thought it was so sad when Kate talked about how she wonders if her kids know how much she loves them. I feel so bad for her. I am totally on her side of this. I want one of those TEAM KATE shirts sooooo bad lol! I didn't feel sad at all when Jon went on about missing his kids because he never seems to be too interested in them when he is shown on the show. He always seems super bored. The kids did seem to really enjoy fishing with him the second time though. I personally love fishing and its so exciting when you catch fish!! I apologize for the article I have added to this post about the new episode....... They seem to have confused the fact that Cara went fishing with Jon and Mady went to her Grandma's house. They also seem to have spelled Cara's name wrong! Oops!!

Hot topic: Kate Gosselin on The View

On Monday, she began her first of two guest hosting gigs on the ABC show - and she didn't hold back. Sherri Shepherd asked Gosselin what it was like to see her estranged husband Jon bringing his new girlfriend, 22-year-old Hailey Glassman, around their eight kids."This is all difficult - I'm not going to lie," she replied. But she wouldn't answer the question. "For the sake of my children," she told the ladies, she is going to "take the high road."She defended Serena Williams, who was fined $10,000 for her profane outburst at a line judge at the US Open on Saturday. "I think the important thing here is that she's in the public eye," Gosselin, 34, said. "We're all human." Gosselin even admitted, "In the privacy of my own home, this weekend, I melted down."So why does she keep on filming her TLC show? "So many people say, 'Stop ... just pull out,'" Gosselin said. "I can stop, but I'd still have all the flack..." "I’m a single mom, and now more than ever I need to be out there working hard to support my children," she added. "It comes with a price; every job that people do comes with a price." She later said, "My focus is supporting my family and children and whatever way that comes, in a healthy way, I’m gonna do it. "I'm essentially doing it by myself, and I’m going be responsible," she said. When Whoopi Goldberg asked if she's paid enough, Kate replied, "Um... is anybody paid enough?"

Kate Gosselin's First Day On The View: "I will continue to take the high road".

The stress of a crumbling marriage and the fact that her estranged husband Jon has a new love appears to be finally getting to Kate Gosselin. Kate – guest hosting on The View Monday - said she had a meltdown this weekend in the privacy of her own home. Her revelation came as the ladies of The View were discussing Serena William’s on-court meltdown at the US Open on Saturday.“She's in the public eye and she melted down," Gosselin finally chirped, fighting to get a word in edgewise. "She's in the public eye and melted down. don't we all? People in the public eye are held to a higher standard. and meltdowns happen.""We're all human," she said, interrupted three times. Joy Behar asked: How do you handle him bringing Hailey Glassman to the house?"It's hard. This is definitely different. But I react to it the only way I can, and I will continue to react that way. For the sake of my children I will continue to take the high road, because it is the only road for me. But to be honest, I had a meltdown over the weekend in the privacy of my own home." On quitting the show, Kate said: "The show has really changed. People say just stop and pull out. But I can't. This is a job. I'm a single mom and I need to be out there working on my job. We didn't go into this wanting to be huge celebrities. But it happened. But essentially I'm doing this by myself. I'm responsible now.

"New Episode: "Movie & A Catch" By Jackie McClellan:

As Jon and Kate continue to spend time separately with their kids, they both take time to reflect on their current family situation. On this week’s episode of “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” both Jon and Kate reflected on the upcoming divorce, while each spending time with their kids. The episode began with Kate and the kids preparing for an evening of fun at home. As Kate prepared dinner, Ashley (the nanny) watched the kids swim in the pool. While preparing dinner, Kate had some time to reflect on the upcoming divorce. She said she feels very overwhelmed, and she hopes that this feeling slows down. She also admitted to feeling lonely after the kids went to bed. After Kate and the kids finished dinner, they watched a movie outside on the lawn. As Kate said, “the kids were so excited about it.” And even though the boys fell asleep, they all seemed to have a fun time. Kate’s part of the episode ended with her packing up to leave, and reflecting on having to leave her kids. "I don't know if I'll ever get used to the fact of packing up…I don’t like leaving…I don’t like having to wonder what they’re doing. I don’t like wondering if they’re having fun…You doubt yourself every day,” she concluded with tears in her eyes. The episode continues with Jon spending time with his kids. This time Jon takes the little kids and Mady fishing in the creek in their neighbor’s backyard. However, the event didn’t turn out as Jon had hoped. None of the kids had fun because it was too hot outside, and no one except Jon, caught any fish. All the meanwhile, Kara opted to go over to Jon’s mom’s house instead. They spent quality time together, and also went shopping. After fishing, they all made homemade pizzas on the grill back at home. Everyone enjoyed this activity much better. Even though the first day of fishing was unsuccessful, Jon didn’t give up. He said he “wanted them to enjoy the benefits of fishing.” Because of this, he brought the kids to a nearby pond the next day, for what hopefully would be, a more successful trip. And that is exactly what happened. As soon as they began fishing, they had a much better time. All the kids were having a lot more fun because they were all catching multiple fish. Jon concluded the episode by saying, “I’m trying to spend as much time with my kids as possible because my time is limited…. [this] time is stressful…no one said this was going be easy—it’s hard.” As both Jon and Kate reflect on the current situation, they seem to have more in common than they may have thought.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jon Gosselin on Good Morning America

Hello fellow Gosselin fans! I am sad to say that I have no good news to report about our favourite family :( I just watched the video of Jon on Good Morning America. Let's just say that words cannot describe my disapointment and anger after watching it. Just yesturday I was watching one of the very first episodes (also one of my favourites) called "Shopping for Ten." It is shocking to watch them just 3 years ago when they were such a happy, loving family. Then when I watched this latest interview, I was shocked to see a whole other side of Jon you would never even suspect existed. He was so rude and spent all his time bashing Kate. Imagine what Cara and Mady or even the sextuplets would think if they watched that interview. I feel so bad for Kate. She is trying her best and is such a great Mom! I have decided to leave you today with something to think about. When it's not Kate's turn with the kids she goes into hiding and no pictures are ever taken of her, so if Jon really doesn't want cameras around and the paparazzi following him, why wouldn't he do the same?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dude Ranch and Dress Up

Hello Gosselin Fans!! Well.......... I haven't blogged in way too long lol!! I've been busy and I just keep forgetting! I am definately going to start blogging a few times a week again though. I have also decided to start providing links to websites where you can buy clothing, toys, etc. that are seen on epsiodes of Jon&Kate+8. Anyway, enough about me and more about your favourite reality family~ The Gosselins!!

To be honest with you, after Jon&Kate's divorce I thought that the episodes wouldn't be very good. I thought they would be really sad. But so far, I have been wrong!! The episodes have been great! Especially this week's episode, "Dude Ranch and Dress Up"! From seeing the boys in their adorable cowboy outfits to seeing Jon in a dress, the episode was adorable and full of laughs. The girl's scavenger hunt looked like lots of fun and so did the tin-can telephones. Next week's episode sounds really good too. If yo havent't heard about it yet, it's called "Movie & A Catch". In this episode Kate has movie night in the backyard and Jon teaches his kids how to fish. I am really looking forward to it and I'm sure you are too!
Last Thursday Cara and Mady started 3rd Grade and Friday was the sextuplets first day of school! The sextuplets will be in junior kindergarten only three days a week this school year; next year, they'll go five days a week. Jon tells PEOPLE that the 5-year-olds aren’t ready for kindergarten yet because they were “preemies”. For class assignments, Jon says, “They’ll split them by personality. Alexis and Collin will definitely not be classmates.” The twins are excited to go back to school, “because we live in the middle of nowhere and all their friends live near school,” Jon says their brothers and sisters aren’t anxious about their first day of class. “They use each other as a security blanket,” he says. “As long as they’re all going, they’re not nervous. If I would send one, they’d probably freak out.”

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"It Feels Like I Failed" ~Kate Gosselin

Jon and Kate are once again on another magazine cover. They are both on the cover of the July 6th edition of People Magazine. The magazine is on newsstands starting tomorrow (Friday). I think I'm going to get a copy. It looks very interesting. Here is a short clip from the article:

There's a lot of shouting happening in Kate Gosselin's house. The mother of eight children – twins Mady and Cara, 8, and sextuplets Alexis, Collin, Leah, Hannah, Aaden and Joel, 5 – has barely had time to change out of her morning workout clothes before her brood descends upon her, clinging to her legs and loudly wondering what to do given the rainy weather. "Let's do a project," yells Kate, 34, above the clamor. The eight children race to the kitchen table and promptly pull out their construction paper and crayons to make Father’s Day cards for their conspicuously absent dad, who'll receive them two days later. "Will you help me draw a heart?" asks a giggling Collin. "I want lots of hearts." Lately, the family has seen lots of heartbreak, culminating with the news that Kate and Jon, 32, stars of the reality series Jon & Kate Plus 8, have decided to end their marrige. "On a good day, I feel relief," Kate says, curled up in a chair in her living room. "On a bad day, I feel failure."